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Vilac Large Retro Grocery Store Wooden Kitchen Play Set

Vilac Large Retro Grocery Store Wooden Kitchen Play Set

We think we found just about the cutest, amazing kids grocery shop ever. This playset will keep your little one busy for (literally) hours with the incredible accessories and impressive size of this premium play set. are proud to present the Large Retro Grocery Store Wooden Kitchen Playset, by quality toymaker, Vilac of France.  

It is hard to look past the incredible quality of this beautiful playset. Constructed of solid wood (yes, you heard right) this French styled grocery store has been collaboratively designed and decorated by famous Swedish artist Ingela P Arrhenius. Ingela is renowned for her contemporary take on classic European life in her quirky, beautiful sketches. Ingela is also famous for her range of children’s books, usually entitle “Where … is something”. Her love for children and all things cute have certainly made an impression of this play set. Fully adorned with Ingela’s artwork, this play set features over 30 accessories, each accessory carefully represented in picture on the signage across the frame of this grocery store.  

At, we LOVE roleplay. We LOVE the idea that kids get to create their own world, with amazing adventure and interesting characters. This playset is the perfect opportunity to kick start those adventures and allow your little one the opportunity to experience what it is like to create a world in which they are the owner of a French grocery store, serving customers with delicious food and snacks.  

But it’s not ALL fun and games. There is also a strong science behind the importance of role play in your child’s development. Role play encourages creativity and imagination. Pretend play helps children naturally develop and use their cognitive abilities and skills whole fostering social and emotional development and improving communication and language. Pretend play also develops thinking, learning & problem-solving skills and also supports physical development. The cognitive and motor learning associated with spending time at a playset like this is quite amazing to consider and allows you as their parent, to provide them with the tools needed to nurture their development and well-being.  

In simple terms, pretend play is your child way of engaging and creating alternate realities to their real world. Kids learn from experience. They learn from what happens around them, from what the hear, see, taste touch and smell. To really understand these experience, kids need to be given opportunity to play, opportunities to be immersed in a world that they have created, to understand and connect the social implications of their decisions.  It is these connections that allow your little ones to learn and develop heathy connection and make the best choices in life. And you thought it was just a playset right? 

Oh, and it’s super cute. Did we mention that? This playset features and amazing assortment of marketplace products and fresh produce. The set also includes storage space for easy clean-up, and a serving counter where all role play can take place. Constructed using quality materials and finished in non-toxic paint, this set is easily moved and stored when not in use thanks to it foldable design.  

This wonderful playset is available at, Australia’s #1 Kids Playset retailer. Welcome to We sell smiles for everyone. Come join us.  

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