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Free Delivery ANYWHERE in Australia
Free delivery ANYWHERE in Australia
Check out our amazing range of Kids Furniture at

Check out our amazing range of Kids Furniture at

So, you though we only sold fun products, right? Well, you might be surprised to know that also has one of the best ranges of kids’ furniture in Australia. Why, you’re asking? At, we realise that while kids love to have fun with our playsets, parents also want to make sure that at the end of the day, their house resembles as house rather than a room where it looks like a toy bomb went off. Welcome to, your online resource for affordable and quality kids’ furniture.  

Our range of kid’s furniture includes beds, bookshelves, desks, chairs, couches, toy boxes and other storage solutions, as well as a great range of play tables. Nearly all of our furniture is made from sustainable materials and ALL of our kids’ furniture is finished with non-toxic, child friendly materials and rounded corners. This ensure that you get stylish kids’ furniture but can also be assured that the furniture in your little ones bedroom or playroom is safe.  

Our kids’ bookshelves and other ways too neatly organize your child library are super cute. Our bookshelves are appropriately sized for kids, intended to both functional use to store your little one’s collection, but also sized appropriately so that your little one can reach their favourite book … even from the top shelf.  Aside from the wonderful design and quality materials, the function of the furniture at encourages independence and build motor and cognitive skills. Our bookshelves are the complete package and you can check them out here

Chairs, Sofas and Ottomans
Kids are small. We totally get it. At, we have a great range of chair, sofas and ottomans, all perfectly sized to suit your little ones bedroom or playroom. If you are looking or the prefect reading chair, the perfect place for your little to lounge and watch their iPad then you have found the best range available within Australia. Oh, and did we already mention free delivery anywhere in Australia and fantastic customer service. Our range of kids chairs are the real deal and you can check them out here

Tables & Desks 
As your little one grows, they find themselves moving from Playdoh, to homework. At, we have a great range of play tables and desks for every stage of your child’s development. With an outstanding range of tables, designed for active play, drawing, craft or snacking, our kids play tables have unique designs and are constructed from quality materials. When it comes time to purchase their first desk (heart breaking, we know) then make sure you purchase a desks that can grow with your child. Our amazing range of fully adjustable desks mean that you aren’t looking for a new desk because Johnny has a unexpected growth spurt over the Christmas holidays. Take a look at our range of play tables and desks here.   

Toy Boxes & Other Great Storage Ideas
You’d like some storage? You need even more storage? What’s that? Now you need even more storage. When it comes to kids, mess and the need to store things, just like them … keep growing! We totally get it. have a great range of storage solutions from toy boxes to easily movable to clothes hangers to buckets and bins for every types of mess you find yourself needing to clean up. Check out our fantastic range of storage options here.  

A great range of kids’ furniture, reasonable prices, FREE delivery ANYWHERE in Australia and a 12 month Australian warranty. Oh, and the best customer service in Australia. What are you waiting for? Take a look around Australia’s #1 Kids Playset retailer today. Welcome to We sell smiles for everyone. Come join us.  

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