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Free Delivery ANYWHERE in Australia
Free delivery ANYWHERE in Australia
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Fast delivery and a high quality wooden kitchen. Really Happy with my purchase

Joanne Kirby

The team at answered all of my questions and helped me choose the right trampoline for the size of my backyard. It is awesome and my kids use it every day

Patricia Fredrick

Wonderful cubby house, much larger than I thought it was going to be

Karen Hocking

I think this website is great. Normal, honest people who are willing to help and offer reasonable prices which include delivery. I will definitely shop here again

Allan Kirkman

I was a bit skeptical when ordering about the free shipping. I figured there would be some type of catch as I’m in rural Qld. There was NO catch and I am wrapped with my kids new picnic table. Thanks a lot

Kimberly Albright

Wonderland cubby house is wonderful

Jennifer Thompson

Highly recommend this website for good service and good delivery times

Aaron Fielding

The team at made sure that my trampoline arrived in time for my son’s birthday to ensure that his party would be a hit with his friends. They delivered (literally) and I am really thankful. Nice group of people

J. Granville

Huge range of wooden kitchens which is what I was looking for. I chose the mostly pink one for my daughter and she thinks it is amazing. Great buy

Colin Holgraves

I was amazed at how sturdy the kitchen was. It literally comes with everything including the kitchen sink ! My daughter is so happy and overall it was a great shopping experience with the team at

Chew Lin Seong

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Kids Play Sets - Buy Play Sets & Kids Indoor and Outdoor fun from #1 Australian Retailer with Huge Savings on play sets for kids. Shop Kids Pretend Play Sets, Outdoor Play, Water Play, Musical Play, Kids Arts and Crafts, Family Games and Activities, Trampolines, Kids Furniture, Kids Storage and Kids Chairs and Seating! FREE Delivery to ANYWHERE in VIC, TAS, NSW, QLD, NT, WA and SA. AfterPay Available, Pay Later.

Why kids love Play Sets?

The one thing that we are not short of at are smiles. We make children (and their grown-ups) happy every day and there is something special about seeing your little one pretend to cook you a meal or build you something which is totally adorable. But why do kids love Play Sets so much? You might be surprised to know that a lot of thought has gone into why kids choose the toys they do and it makes for really interesting reading. The following are some of the key considerations as to why it turns out that Play Sets are so popular with kids and so much fun.

Children want to learn while they play. (yeah, they really do)
It turns out that encouraging exposure to learning based activities early in a child’s life is easily accomplished by choosing toys which challenge kids and promote the active development of motor and cognitive skills. Children learn both the skills they need to develop during play but also begin to recognize and internalize environmental social cues. In plain English, when kids play with Play Sets, they learn how to play but also how to engage and enjoy other types of physically new activities. This type of learning stimulates the child and provides excitement about how they can continue to develop this new set of skills. They will want to try new activities as their confidence grows. At Australia’s #1 Kids Play Set retailer, we have Play Sets for every stage of your child’s development, from building blocks, to pretend play to outdoor sporting and family games. Each type of play provides a new set of physical challenges and encourages your little one to explore and grow. Which is exactly what they want.

Play Sets check all the child’s boxes for fun, and the parent’s box for development.
Play Sets engage your child’s senses, stimulates their imagination and encourages them to interact with others. This experience is what children need and enjoy. For parents, the same set of criteria apply but we need to add in a few extra. Let’s start with Trust. A strong trust in others creates the foundation on which all other traits rest. Giving your child a new experience which is supervised, safe and fun for them creates a strong trust between parent and child. Next we introduce Patience. This is an important one. The old adage of “Good things come to those who wait” really applies when learning a new motor or cognitive skill. In the case of a play set, it’s both motor and cognitive. Teaching your child to be patient as they develop the skills to pretend play sets a pattern for life and importantly, for those critical early learning years at kindergarten and primary school. Now we move onto Responsibility. Allowing them to play by themselves and have ownership of their play set represents both a step for you the parent but also for your child. If they aren’t responsible, then it’s very likely the play set won’t make another appearance for some time. Learning to be responsible with this new toy is yet another milestone in your child’s development. We are definitely going to include Empathy in this mix. Empathy is often overlooked and sometimes challenging for parents to actively pass onto their children. Uniquely, empathy is always around when purchasing a play set for your little one. Why? Here’s why. Play Sets are usually expensive which means a lot of people simply cannot afford to have one. Imagine yourself at a home when some friends come over. Giving your child the opportunity to share and make that other child’s day teaches them empathy but also means that a new friend is always just around the corner. The last one in our mix is Self-Reliance, or Resilience. Your child is starring at their play set and not really sure where to start. Do you panic and show them how to play or do you sit back and watch them move through the stages of resilience, from anxiety through to success. At, we think letting your little one figure things out (in a completely supervised and safe environment) is important and yet another way to watch these special little people grow.

Checking boxes is important for both you and your child. The early developmental years of a child’s life represents a unique time where children and parents both want the same thing at the same time.

Play Sets encourage you and your child to spend time together. Spending time with you is all kids really want to do. 
This is an activity that encourages families to spend time together. Play Sets provide a unique dynamic that encourage partnership, fosters trust and bonding and delivers a smile every time. Don’t believe me? Let’s walk through what happens the minute you purchase a play set from Anticipation. Can you think of the times your children have been the most excited in their lives. It is likely this has been in anticipation of something very special approaching. No matter whether it’s Christmas, Easer or even a Birthday, kids love knowing that something special is on the way. Upon submitting your order with, you will receive a shipping confirmation showing you your Play Sets delivery progress to your front door. You can share this with your child and both actively check for updates and plan for when this very special package arrives. Construction. Here is a multiple choice question for you. Do you think your child does or doesn’t want to build the play set together with you? Exactly, enough said on this aspect. Playing. Keeping an eye on your child while using a play set is mandatory and ultimately encourages you to spend quality time with your little one. Got older children who think it’s boring to play with their younger siblings? We hear you. But you’d be surprised how many 10 year olds still cannot resist the urge to play with their little brother or sister on their new play set, trampoline or outdoor activity.

The anticipation, construction and playing aspects of a purchase from really do encourage you to spend quality time with your child. This is what all kids want and why we believe we hold the secret to making some very special memories. 

Play Sets are fun! 
Yep, we said it and we are not ashamed of saying it. In an often (and deservedly) serious world, sometimes families need to look for ways to take a step back and just have fun. At, we really understand just how much fun kids can have experiencing a play set.

Choosing the right Play Set

Choosing the perfect Kids Play Set may seem like a daunting task with the number of styles and models available, but don’t worry,, Australia’s #1 Kids Play Set retailer, have put together this helpful buying guide to help you make the right decision. At we have the biggest range of Pretend Ply, Indoor and Outdoor activities as well as kids furniture in Australia. What we know about any play set that you purchase is that there are a number of immediate benefits. These include:

Develop your child’s motor skills...
When your loved one is playing they are developing their core motor and cognitive abilities. Time spent playing with their new set will further develop a child’s spatial awareness [their relationship with the surrounding environment] and improve their reaction times to events happening around them. Motor skills, including their hand-eye coordination are further developed, as are their problem-solving skills as the environment around them provides challenges that require more complex thinking.  

Encourage your child to explore the real world, not the digital world.
A play set is the perfect way for your child to explore the real world, while taking a break from their digital devices. Few indoor or outdoor activities yield the same level of excitement and/or fun that an awesome play set will deliver.

Non-Stop Fun.
Play sets never run out of power! Your child can spend more time playing outdoors with friends and less time driving you crazy indoors ;-)

Visit, Australia’s #1 Kids Play Set retailer today to choose the perfect play set for your loved one.

Largest range of Kids Play Sets to choose from

Looking for the perfect play set for your loved one? Simply head to to view the largest range of Kids Play Sets in Australia, at the lowest prices, guaranteed.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect pretend play set, trampoline, water play set or even kids furniture, we have in stock and ready to ship a comprehensive range of products to suit. As Australia’s #1 Kids Play Set retailer, you can choose from Australia’s biggest range of kids Play Sets, including beautifully finished wooden kitchen, trampolines, outdoor and indoor games, water play, metal detectors, musical instruments and more.

Your loved ones’ safety is our absolute priority. All our play sets are sourced from reputable manufacturers and vigorously tested for quality and safety before we make them available to our customers. Crucially, ALL the products listed for purchase at meet ALL current Australian safety standards so you can be sure your loved one will be safe while enjoying their new play set.

Visit, Australia’s #1 Kids Play Set retailer today to choose the perfect play set for your loved one.

Why buy a Kids Play Set from

At, we keep it simple and fun. is Australia’s #1 Kids Play Set retailer. Why?

Find the Perfect Play Set for your Loved-One.
Whether you’re looking for the perfect pretend play set, water play set, trampoline, musical instrument or metal detector. we have in stock and ready to ship a comprehensive range of Kids Play Sets. Time to get your little one outdoors, active, and socializing with other kids in their neighborhood.

What good is a great range if it’s not supported by a great price, right? Don’t worry, at we have driven the prices of our comprehensive range right down to be the most competitive Play Set retailer in Australia. With Play Sets starting from just $60 [including free delivery anywhere in Australia] we are confident we have the perfect ride on toy to meet every budget. 

FREE Delivery ANYWHERE in Australia & 24 Hour FAST Dispatch.
We delivery ANYWHERE in Australia and offer Free Tracked Delivery on EVERY product we sell. This means that the price you see on the screen is the price that you pay, period. No exceptions, because exceptions cause frowns. We hate frowns.

We know you probably want your new play set as soon as possible. At, we guarantee to despatch every order with 24 hours. This allows us to deliver your new play set in record time so your loved one can get playing sooner.

Once you purchase your new play set with, you will receive regular email and sms updates on the progress of your purchase. We provide plenty of notice prior to the day of delivery and use only reputable, established couriers and transport services to deliver our products.

We care about our Customers and we care about Customer Service.
If something goes wrong, we fix it. We understand, without you, we don’t have a business. We understand that most Play Sets are purchased for a special occasion and that there is usually a timeframe in which you need to get it. We also understand how important it is to ensure that the product you receive meets the expectations of you AND your little one. We get it.

Pay Later with Afterpay.
Would you prefer to pay for your purchase later? Afterpay is now available on all our products. Simply choose the 'Afterpay' payment option when you checkout. Easy!

What is Afterpay
Afterpay offers simple and affordable installment plans for online and in-store shoppers. The payment platform allows you to purchase in four equal installments, due every 2 weeks. For example, if you purchase an item for $200, you pay 4 instalments of $50. There is no additional cost to use Afterpay so long as you pay on time. All of your payments are interest-free and you will receive your order straight away.

Memories are made every day with the ones we love. Our hope is that your memories are made just that little bit more special with one of our fun products.

Safety Rules to follow while using Play Sets

Buying a safe play set
At your loved ones’ safety is our absolute priority and we make buying with confidence simple. All our play sets are sourced from reputable manufacturers and vigorously tested for quality and safety before we make them available to our customers. Crucially, ALL the products listed for purchase at meet ALL current Australian safety standards so you can be sure your loved one will be safe while enjoying their new play set.

If you’re considering buying elsewhere, here are some important safety tips to consider before you decide to purchase:

While most kids play sets are made in China, there are distinct differences in the quality of construction across manufacturers. Material gauge and thickness should be considered as this will directly impact the products quality and capacity. Inexpensive bolts and screws can rust over time which may compromise the Play Sets safety. For larger play sets, materials quality and frame thickness should be considered as often these Play Sets get the rough treatment by little ones and poor quality can result I breakage, and serious injury.

Many play sets arrive at your doorstep in hundreds of pieces and require considerable assembly. This can create an issue for assemblers with limited knowledge/ability. At, we supply our play sets partially assembled, leaving only very basic construction to be completed upon its arrival.

Australian Warranty
At, all our products are supplied with a 12-month Australian warranty. Be aware of other sellers offering an overseas warranty. An Australian warranty requires that the product meet strict Australian safety regulations. 

Using your new play set. So, you’ve purchased the perfect play set for your loved one and they’re about to start playing… Below is a list of precautions we suggest you follow to make your child’s experience on their play set safe and enjoyable.

Be patient
Most play sets and interactive toys require cognitive learning. We recommend that your child spend some time playing together before you let them loose (supervised always)

Have more questions? Contact, Australia’s #1 Kids Play Set retailer, today so we can answer any safety related questions you may have and provide guidance on selecting the perfect play set for your loved one.