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Free Delivery ANYWHERE in Australia
Free delivery ANYWHERE in Australia
Classic World Wooden Kids Workbench Set

Classic World Wooden Kids Workbench Set

Grab your hard hat and make your way to the greatest workbench playset that we have ever seen. are proud to present the Classic World Wooden Kids Workbench Playset, suitable for every little builder in your family.

This fantastic set is the perfect size for children ages 3 and above and features bright colors and 100% non-toxic, EN71 certified child safe materials and finishes. The amazing selection of tools will allow your child to replicate building, cutting, sawing, drilling, chiseling, deconstruction, clamping, measuring and hammering. This amazing playset from also includes a blackboard which allows your little to draw building plans, or create a special message for when the older builder in the house gets home from work. The team at Classic World have also includes a clock at the top of the playset which allows your child to practice their time telling skills, allowing them to be head of the class when it comes to learning their “o clocks” as they enter primary school.

“What a potential mess”, you’re thinking. Well, you would be wrong. This clever playset also includes ample storage space below the workbench to store all of the accessions, as well  

But what happens when my kids is sick of building? Don’t worry. At, we understand kids and we understand parents want more than one thing to do with a toy. The brilliant playset also provides a space for a roll of butcher paper (sold separately) which allows this workbench to convert to a drawing table when your little one would rather create art than build something.

At, we love having fun. But critically, we also realize that this workbench is more than just a toy. It also represents an amazing opportunity for you to build your child’s motor and cognitive skills, while having a ton of fun at the same time. Many studies have shown that children learn best when they are having fun. Parents can contribute to this learning effort by interacting with this workbench an setting challenges for your little one to complete. Something as simple as knowing how to use the pliers to pick up a nut will encourage your child to explore other practical areas of life such as holding a pencil, using their cutlery or even getting ready to start building with more complex toys.

Ok, so we’ve covered the fun and learning. What else makes this a great set? Constructed completely out of wood, this workbench from will stand the test of time. Let’s face it, there is going to be a lot of banging and hitting with this great playset and the clever folk at Classic World understand that. Constructed using quality hardware, and weighing in at 4.5kg when built, this playset look great but is also practically indestructible! Think your child has what it takes to destroy it .. go ahead, we challenge you. We are so confident that the Classic World Wooden Kids Workbench Playset will stand up your child best that at, we offer a one year Australian warranty, as standard. also offer free delivery anywhere in Australia. We deliver from the tip of Queensland, to the southern coasts of Tasmania and everywhere in between. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and will always respond to any questions that you have within 24hrs.

KidsPlaysets live to make your little ones lives that bit more fun. We understand that kids can create an adventure out of anything but sometimes playsets allow your kids to turn their dreams into reality. We are, come have fun with us.

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