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Free delivery ANYWHERE in Australia
Kids Playsets outstanding range of Water Play activities

Kids Playsets outstanding range of Water Play activities

Enough already, let my kids outside to run around. We hear you! Finally, summer is around the corner and at we are making sure that we have plenty of fun activities for your kids and your family to do in the warmer months.  

At, we understand the importance of active play to both kids and parent’s well-being. Kids needs to expend energy, particularly as they have growth spurts and parents need an outlet for this energy to be directed … something that is both constructive and fun. At, we also understand the importance of playing safe which is why every product on our website is certified kids safe and comes with a one year Australian warranty. Our superior customer services that in the unlikely even that something goes wrong, we will fix it and ensure that you walk away happy and content.  

Our range of swimming pools accommodates all family sizes and all house sizes. Whether you are looking for a blow-up pool, for toddlers or bigger kids, or even an above ground pool which can last the summer in style, we have a great range of pools to suit all needs and budgets.  

If your kids are super active, then why not consider one of our amazing inflatable water play sets. At, all of our water playsets come fully tested and include a heavy duty repair patch kit to ensure that if something goes wrong, you can still enjoy the inflatable play set for the rest of the sunny weather. If you are looking for something really special, then check out our range of premium water park play sets. These much larger play sets are also inflatable but are suitable for a family to play on them at the same time. Complete with slides, games and other great water play features, you will be struggling to get your kids to come inside after a fun day your very own water park.  

At, we also realize that for some kids, the inflatable water playsets are just not exciting enough to meet their Evil Knievel type behaviours. For these little dare devils, there is no greater gift than a super slide. Available in multiple sizes and even in a “double slider” size, these slippery slides are the perfect way for your little one to release some serious energy, in a safe and fun environment. Set up is simple and the they connect directly to the hose for easy use.  

And finally, if lounging around is more your style, also have a great range or inflatable lounges, suitable for individuals to groups of 6. These high quality lounges include drink holders and some even come with a canopy, for those of you who like to float but are no looking for a tan. have a great range of water play activities for the entire family. Australia’s #1 Kids Playset retailer. Welcome to We sell smiles for everyone. Come join us.  

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