Loblolly Deluxe Solid Wood Number Toss set | Natural

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FamilyA deluxe set, perfect for the family who likes to try new games. The rules coundn't be simpler: 

1. If there are more than two players, divide the players into two teams. Set up the pins in an upright position. Make a line about three to four metres behind the pins, depending on age and skill level.

2. Have the first player toss the throwing stick and count their score. Scoring goes thus: If a player knocks over only one pin, their score is the number on the pin. If they knock over more than one pin, their score is the number of pins they knock down (not the total of the numbers on the pins). If a pin leans on the throwing stick or another stick but is not completely knocked down, the player’s score is zero.

3. After the first player counts their score, have them set the pins back up into a standing position.

4. Then the next player takes their turn.

5. The first player to score exactly 50 points wins. If they accumulate over 50 points, set their score back to 25 points and continue the game.

6. If a player misses all the pins three times in a row, they’re out of the game.

Carrying case with rope handle
Throwing stick
12 numbered pins
A great game to test players’ skills and strategy

Material: Pine timber
Colour: Natural wood with black tops and trim, rope

Parental supervision required at all times. 

Package Contents
Number Toss Wooden Set Outdoor Games with Carry Case