Loblolly Deluxe Alloy Boules Bocce set with fabric case | Natural

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Boule is the classic French yard game, Jeu de Boules. Play is simple. First the jack is cast and then everyone takes turns trying to roll their boule closest to the jack to be the winner. Everything you need for a dynamic game of Boule comes in this deluxe set, neatly packaged in a beautiful fabric case for easy storage and safekeeping. Eight gleaming alloy balls, a jack and marker are all part of the package. Boule is an ideal game for the entire family at home, at the park or on the beach.

Polished alloy boulesz
Green canvas carrying case
Wooden jack and measuring device included
Mobile and easy to transport
Recommended for ages 12 and older

Boules: 75mm in diameter
Weight: each boule weighs 730g
Wooden jack: 35mm

Parental supervision required at all times. 

Package Contents
1 x Deluxe Boules Bocce 8 Alloy Ball Set with fabric case