Happy Time 19 Panel Plastic Baby Playpen Kids Toddler Fence | Multi Color

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Safe and secured. Our Happy Time baby playpen is made of non-toxic plastic and designed with narrow gaps and enhanced safety joints to prevent any finger injuries. It also comes with a safety door lock to ensure little one will not run out of the playpen when you are busy with other activities. With ample space for your little one to crawl and walk around in, the playpen also enables you to fill it with toys and play accessories without feeling cramped. The multi-coloured panels add a cheerful and vivid ambiance with zero sharp edges. Easy to put it together with bonus panel fixators, this play pen will be sure to keep you and your little one happy. 

Enhanced safety joints design
Narrow and safer gaps
Non-toxic material
Zero sharp edges and wires
Zero metal components
Safety door lock - Slide to unlock/lock
Multi-coloured panels
Suction feet
Easy to assemble
Stackable for compact storage
Bonus panel fixators

Quantity of panels: 19

Package Content
1x Plastic Baby Playpen
1x Assembly Manual