Eureka 40mm Sensitivity Pinpointer Metal Detector | Black

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This handy and hand held detector is perfect for anyone searching for lost or misplaced ferrous or non-ferrous objects like gold, silver or jewellery pieces. The detector has a 360°side scan detection with maximum sensitivity of 40mm for an accurate find. Use it indoors or outdoors or even in water where the Detector has a waterproof tip of up to 10cm immersion. A one button operation makes it easy to use and the guiding LED lights and built in vibrating alarm helps to indicate your proximity to the searched item. The detector also has a low battery indicator. At only 27cm in length, this metal detector is extremely lightweight, has a flashlight and comes with a belt holster for treasure hunting anytime, anywhere. Great for kids and adults, this would make a wonderful gift that could set off a whole new hobby and passion for for children, family or friends.

Waterproof tip
360°side-scan detection
Proximity vibrating alarm and LED indicators
One-touch operation
Auto balance
Low power consumption
Solid construction
Low battery indicator
Belt holster included

Frequency: 12kHz approx.
Maximum sensitivity: 40mm
Required battery: 1 x 9V (not included)
Overall length: 27cm
Net weight: 0.86kg

Package Contents
1 x Pinpointer Metal Detector
1 x Belt Holster
1 x Manual