Deluxe 61 Key LED Lighted Electronic Piano Keyboard with Touch Function | Black

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With 61 full-size and lighted keys, this portable keyboard enables you to discover a whole new world of music. Featuring 128 rhythms, 128 timbres, tempo and volume control, 15 demo songs, multiple chord options, various effects controls, 61 percussion selects, keyboard split, record and playback, you can also program the keyboard to assist with your compositions. A touch function allows for quick and easy settings. The intelligent teaching function enables a faster approach to learning how to play the keyboard. With inputs for a microphone and headphones and MIDI, this portable keyboard also allows you to play and sing, while an additional input lets you connect your audio devices to the keyboard for easy play along. 

61-key simulation piano keyboard
Touch-sensitive keys
LCD display
Touch function
128 timbres
128 rhythms
15 demo songs
61 kinds of keyboard percussions
Master volume and tempo control
Intelligent teaching function: one-key, ensemble
Rhythm programming function
Single chord and fingered chord options
Record and playback
Various effect controls
Split keyboard function
MIDI output
Speaker output
Headphone jack for silent practice
Included an adjustable stand

Key type: Simulation Piano Keyboard with touch function
Rhythm control: Start, Stop, Sync, Intro, Ending, Fill-in, Metronome
Chord options: Single chord, Fingered chord, Chord close
Effect control: Transpose, Sustain, Vibrato, Dual timbre, Touch
Jacks: Audio output (L/R), Headphone, MIDI output
Power supply: DC 12V / AC Adaptor

Package Contents
1 x 61-Key Standard Keyboard EK-97
1 x Adjustable Stand
1 x Music Sheet Holder
1 x Power Adaptor
1 x Manual