Bestway 3.1M Inflatable Kids Shark Raft Bull Riding Pool Toy | Grey

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Swim with the sharks this summer with this awesome Inflatable Shark. Built of sturdy polyester fibre mesh and heavy-gauge PVC vinyl that is resistant to UV, tear and wear, the shark is durable and has two leak-proof air chambers. A large outer ring is connected to the shark to ensure balance and safety. It also comes equipped with six heavy-duty handles – two on the shark for you to hold onto as you ride him like a bull ride, and four on the outer ring for your friends to guide you around the pool. A repair patch is also included for any unforeseen tears. 

Heavy-duty handles
Two air chambers
Heavy-duty repair patch
Full colour box
Max. load capacity: 198.4lb. (90kg)
Numbers of users: 1 adult

Size: 310cm x213cm
Package size: 41cm x 37cm x 29cm

Package Contents
1 x Inflatable Shark Pool Toy
1 x Repair patch